Pronunciation Guide

This guide to difficult-to-pronounce words and names in psychology is intended to help students of psychology in oral presentations, see “About the Blog Name” for a longer explanation.

Disclaimer: Rather than use the International Phonetic Alphabet, which is precise but hard to interpret I have adopted a rough phonetic guide of my own making that uses familiar words whenever possible. It may not capture all the nuances of say, French pronunciation, but if you follow this guide you will at least get it approximately right. I welcome suggestions for additions to this guide in the comments.

Binet, Alfred = Bin-nay
Cartesian = Cart-tee-shun
Charcot, Jean-Martin = Shar-ko
Descartes, René = Ren-nay Deh-cart
Foucauldian = Foo-ko-dee-an
Foucault, Michel = Michelle Foo-ko
Freud, Sigmund = Froyd
Gesell, Arnold = Gazelle
Gestalt = Gues-talt
Janet, Pierre = Jah-nay
Jung, Carl = Young
Külpe, Oswald = Cull-pay
Leipzig = Lyp-sig
Lewin, Kurt = Leh-veen
Oedipal = Ed-uh-pull
Oedipus = Ed-uh-puss
Piaget, Jean = John Pee-ah-shay
Pierce, Charles Sanders = Purse
Rhesus monkeys = Reeses (as in the candies)
Sherif, Carolyn Wood = Sheriff*
Sherif, Muzafer = Moo-seph-er Sheriff*
Woucester = Wuss-ter
Wundt, Wilhelm = Vill-helm Vundt

*”Cher-eef” is also an acceptable pronunciation of Sherif but according to Donald Routh, who knew the Sherifs, they preferred “Sheriff”.


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